About Us


The Wine Services Alliance advocates for the exclusive business interests for the top wine storage providers throughout North America. Through marketing, networking and education, the WSA seeks to expand the opportunities for wine storage providers in all markets across North America to better serve our private collector and wine trade clients. The WSA intends to unify a mostly regionalized wine storage industry and serve its members through strategic marketing, initiative development, and networking that will lead to a more united, robust and collaborative wine storage industry.



Deliver Valuable Member Benefits

The WSA is dedicated to developing a set of membership benefits that will be exclusive to members which will allow them to build a distinct value proposition for their business to differentiate their offerings within the marketplace to better attract and serve their clients.

Provide Ongoing Business Resources & Education For Members

The Alliance is committed to providing its members ongoing education on the newest technologies and most current, best practices for wine storage facility operators to ensure members are at the forefront of an ever-evolving wine storage industry.

Offer A Forum For Ongoing Collaboration Among Members

Within The WSA, there is a collective of some of the most successful and smartest minds in the wine storage industry. The WSA will provide an invaluable repository of ideas and proven concepts that have led to growth and success of WSA members that can be shared to make each of the members more successful in their individual markets through new products, operations, technologies, etc.  The WSA will also a be a forum for members to become aware of others in The Alliance, their specific services and provide a fertile ground for new business relationships and initiatives between its members.

Collaborate With Others In The Wine Industry

The Alliance is committed to creating unique and innovative ways our organization can enhance the breadth of each member’s service offering and thus add value for its members’ collector clients by collaborating and developing long-standing relationships with other parts of the wine industry, including, but not limited to Wineries, Importers, Trade Organizations, and Wine Tourism companies.