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Seattle Wine Storage

Seattle Wine Storage, Inc. has been dedicated to providing ideal conditions for storing your valuable wine collection since 1995. Storing your wine is our only focus. We are open seven days a week from noon until 6 PM. We are closed only on 7 major holidays each year.

For convenient access we offer box storage or racking lockers and walk-in cellars in a range of sizes, secured by your own lock and key. In addition, we offer economical pallet storage for handling larger quantities or for short term needs (e.g. while moving or remodeling your cellar).


Subterranean Wine (and Beer!) Storage

Seattle Wine Storage is located below street level and is heavily insulated. To further protect your wine investment, we installed state-of-the-art refrigeration equipment to ensure a constant 55º year-round temperature and a relative humidity level of 60%-75%. We currently have 2 separate compressors to keep your wines at a constant 55º.


We offer individually locked units – only you have the key. The entire facility is alarmed and monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A sprinkler system covers the entire facility. Access is limited to clients and their authorized agents.

The building is made of solid concrete, and there are no exterior walls, doors or windows that directly access the wine storage areas from the outside, so no ‘smash and grab’ break-in is possible. The entire exterior area is contained within a chain link fence topped with barbed wire.


Seattle Wine Storage is only minutes from downtown Seattle just off I-5. You can see our location on this map. Our loading dock is covered and hand trucks and dollies are provided. Ample parking is available in the loading area.

We are fully equipped to ship or receive palletized wine shipments from moving companies, auction houses, retailers and other volume shippers via refrigerated cross-country semi’s. We can forklift your wine safely off the back of their trucks and place it in our secured pallet storage area for you, no need to be here!

Additional services

  • Receiving wine shipments: Seattle Wine Storage will accept deliveries on your behalf, provided they are legal under current Washington State regulations. It is up to the client to determine in advance whether any shipment meets these regulations.  Upon receipt, we will notify you via email and place your wine in our secured holding area. If we have access to your locker, we will place your wine in your locker at no charge. If we do not have access, we hold if for you for a nominal fee until you can come in and transfer to your locker.
  • Cellar inventory and appraisals: Seattle Wine Storage can inventory and organize your cellar for you. In addition, we have extensive experience in valuing wine collections, whether for insurance purposes, possible resale, or estate or divorce proceedings. Please inquire about our hourly rate for these services.
  • Cellar management: For most of our clients, we operate as a self-storage facility. You add and remove wine and update your collection as you desire. However, if you wish, we can manage the entire process for you, from picking up your wine, managing and valuing your inventory, pulling and packing wines you request, and even delivery if needed. These services can be provided a la carte or as part of a complete cellar management program. Please inquire about rates and services.


Seattle Wine Storage has an 1,100 sq. ft. lounge area for client use. You can relax with friends over a glass of wine, browse through our library of wine books, use your laptop or our HP Touchscreen PC to access the internet via Wi-Fi, watch a ball game or listen to music DVDs on our HD-TV.

Ample parking is available at the loading dock for SWS clients. Hand trucks and dollies are available to easily move your wine from your vehicle to your locker.

Even our lockers are designed with your convenience in mind. Unlike many wine storage facilities, there are no huge ladders needed to access lockers above your head. Locker doors easily lift off for full-width access to the locker instead of being hinged. Smaller lockers (up to 16 cases) hold all your wine on a single layer – no need to stack boxes on top of other boxes. Larger lockers have multiple shelves so that you don’t have to move all your boxes to get to the bottom layer of wine.

For the ultimate in convenience, we offer racking lockers in many sizes, from 25 cases to over 300 cases in flexible, easy to access racks.

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