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River Valley Wine Cellars – New York

River Valley Wine Cellars is an environmentally controlled and secure storage facility for the preservation of fine wine for both short term and long term storage. Conveniently located in lower Westchester County, River Valley Wine Cellars serves individual investors, restaurants, retailers, importers and distributors in the New York tri-state metropolitan area.



Facility Features

We understand that wine can, and often has, outperformed the major financial markets offering significant returns without the volatility of the stock market. Therefore, preserving your investment is our primary focus. Our facility is partially sub-terrain affording ideal conditions for temperature and humidity control, no natural sunlight and free from vibration. While in our possession, your investment is insured against breakage, fire, and theft. We maintain a state of the art security system that monitors all mechanical systems to ensure the continuous function of our physical plant. In the event of a power loss, the warehouse is equipped with full back up generated power. Other amenities include a sophisticated inventory management system, pick-up and delivery within the tri-state area and expert packing and shipping for out of state deliveries.

But we are much more than a warehouse of 55°. River Valley Wine Cellars has a comfortable wine lounge fully equipped for casual gatherings to discuss wine and enjoy a glass or two to more formal meetings and presentations. The lounge has a flat screen monitor, high-speed internet access and a small kitchenette for catered affairs. From time to time there will be special functions held at the facility to advance the knowledge and enjoyment of wine, including wine and food seminars, winemaking seminars, wine tastings, and auctions.

River Valley Wine Cellars is proud of its business. We invite you to contact us for more information or for a tour of our facility.

Our facility measures 16,000 square feet of warehouse and office/conference room space. The cellar alone has storage capacity for approximately 50,000 cases of wine. We are fortunate to have a portion of the warehouse space partially subterranean affording ideal conditions to maintain appropriate storage temperature and humidity levels and keep all wine free from natural sunlight and vibration. The cellar offers individual private vaults and industrial grade open steel racks for storage of large collections of wine.

In early 2006, the entire warehouse was renovated to proper wine storage specifications to eliminate light, moisture, and vibration. In addition, the office space was reconstructed to include a wine lounge and media room to provide clients with a comfortable environment to enjoy wine and share ideas.

Ideal Temperature & Humidity Conditions

Two of the most important elements of wine storage are temperature and humidity. At lower temperatures wine develops too slowly, while at higher temperatures wine tends to age prematurely, devaluing and shortening its lifespan. Our warehouse is maintained at an optimal 55 to 57 degrees Fahrenheit and 70 percent humidity. Temperature levels are recorded every 5 minutes, 24/7 so our clients can be assured of the condition of their wine while in storage. We have installed a fully automated generator to provide backup power in event of electrical failure. The generator will provide power to refrigeration units as well as the security system ensuring the continuous function of our physical plant. All of the refrigeration units are monitored through our security system to ensure proper function.


When it comes to preserving your wine investment, security is also of paramount importance. Our facility has a centrally monitored security system to guard against theft through a series of well-placed cameras and motion detectors. Our system also provides an alert if the generator turns on due to power loss. All doors to the facility are secured with magnetic locks that can only be accessed by employee pass cards. A fire suppression system has been installed to protect against fire.

Inventory Management

At the heart of the operations of River Valley Wine Cellars is a proprietary custom designed inventory management system built specifically for our application. Each item brought into the facility is assigned a unique identifying barcode number that will contain all information about the wine including producer, vineyard, designation, country, region, sub-region, appellation, color, size, varietal, and vintage. Vaults and storage racks are also uniquely identified to ensure proper location coding. The inventory management system is tied to an electronic work order system to process requests for pick up, delivery and receipt of wine. The customer extra-net function provides the ability to monitor account activity and visually locate all stored inventory.

Logistics Management

As part of our commitment to our customers, River Valley Wine Cellars provides complete logistics management services including:

  • Pick up and delivery
  • Shipping
  • Receiving
  • Off-site packing and collection relocation

Electronic work orders are generated for each activity to create an on-going record of all activities for ourselves and our customers. Customers have the ability to view their inventory as well as create work orders through a web portal on the River Valley Wine Cellars website. Delivery, pick up and receiving will be on a scheduled basis during normal business hours. Same day and rush services are also available as the need arises.  


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