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Imperial Wine Storage – Palm Beach

Wine collecting is one of the most personal and passionate activities one can have. We are a locally owned and operated business and have a passion for wine and wine collecting. We know wine and know how to handle, store, and appreciate the great wines of the world. We take storing and caring for your wine seriously while at the same time have fun and want to get to know each and every collector personally. Most collectors have our mobile numbers and the office phone is always forwarded to one of our mobile numbers after hours.

But in the end, where you chose to store your collection should be based on the capability, security, and reliability of the facility. Here, we feel Imperial Wine Storage is by far the greatest facility in Florida.


Wine Storage

Our wine storage facility is refrigerated to approximately 55° F, with a relative humidity of 60% to 70%. Our alarm system monitors temperature and humidity, in addition to security, 24 hours a day. A back-up diesel generator supports the facility in the event of a power outage. Our “triple perimeter” security system incorporates the following aspects:

  1. Gated access to the facility grounds, which are under constant video surveillance,
  2. Digital entry system that controls admittance to the building itself, and
  3. Alarmed doors protecting the storage vaults.

Private Vaults

Within the storage vaults themselves, collectors are assigned private, unmarked lockers that are secured with their own padlocks. The lockers are constructed of steel wire, which provides both security and optimal air circulation. Large lockers include a built-in shelf to make storage and retrieval easier (i.e., there is no need for additional shelving within any of the lockers).


We offer three locker sizes in addition to our Private Vaults.

  • Small ($39.50/month) – holds up to 18 cases
  • Medium ($70/month) – holds up to 30 cases
  • Large ($130/month) – holds up to 60 cases
  • Private Vaults

Capacity estimates are based on standard Bordeaux case size. Rustproof padlocks can be purchased at the facility. All lockers are 6 or 12 month prepaid agreements.  Contact Us for locker and vault availability.

Delivery Acceptance

We will accept deliveries on your behalf and place the wine in your locker.  We will inspect the packages upon arrival and promptly notify you of any damage.

Inventory Services

We offer inventory tracking services through the online CellarTracker web site.  When wine arrives, we will data enter it into CellarTracker and send you an email.  You’ll have access to inventory reports from any computer connected to the internet.

Packing and Delivery

Using our refrigerated van, we offer packing and pickup of your collection from your home and delivery from your locker to your home.  We have been responsible for private cellar collection installations of 40,000 bottles in Palm Beach and have been featured in articles in Wine Spectator for our collection management systems. Whether you need us to pack a 100 bottle collection or 40,000 bottle collection, we have the experience and expertise not found anywhere else in the state of Florida.

Cross Docking

Imperial Wine Storage serves as a Florida hub for many wine auction houses in the US. Our full height dock accommodates 18-wheelers and we have a forklift with the capability to shrink-wrap, store and unload/load pallets. We can also provide “last mile” services to inventory, pack, pickup, and deliver wines going to and coming from an auction to/from a private residence.

We offer temporary pallet storage and will work with carriers, auction houses, and private collectors in moving wine from a residence to auction house, or auction house to private residence.

Seasonal Storage

South Florida is home to thousands of seasonal residents and Imperial Wine Storage offers an exclusive Seasonal Service to protect your wine while you are away. Our service includes a once-per-year pickup of your wine from your home, storage in one of our lockers, and the delivery of your wine collection back to your home when you return to Florida. No more worrying about power outages at your home, theft, or other concerns about your collection while you are away. Your wine will be kept in our temperature controlled facility in your own private locker. Prices for this service vary by quantity and distance from our facility. Call us today for more information.

  • Types of Clients Served

  • Private Collector
  • Wholesaler
  • Importer
  • Distributor
  • Winery
  • Restaurants
  • Facility Features

  • Security
  • Temperature Controlled
  • Humidity Controlled
  • Redundant Power Source
  • Client Access 24/7
  • Client Access During Set Hours
  • Client Access By Appointment Only
  • Types of Storage

  • Private Locker
  • Bulk
  • Pallet
  • Racks
  • Walk-in Lockers
  • Full-Service Storage
  • Open-Rack Storage
  • Shared/Bulk Storage
  • Short Term Storage
  • Long Term Storage
  • Cellar Management

  • Online Cellar Management Software
  • Cellar Management Services
  • Collection Analysis Services
  • Barcoding
  • Home Cellar Management
  • Home Cellar Design Services
  • Home Cellar Construction Services
  • Receiving/Shipping

  • Receiving of Wine Shipments – Retail
  • Receiving of Wine Shipments – Winery
  • Packing – In Home
  • Delivery – In Home
  • Loading Dock Access (18 Wheeler)
  • Cross-docking Services
  • International Consolidation
  • Domestic Consolidation
  • Additional Services

  • Acquisition Services
  • Valuation Services
  • Consignment/Selling/Brokerage Services
  • Authentication Services
  • Retail Store
  • Social Room/Lounge
  • Event Hosting
  • Wine Insurance