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Classic Wine Storage & Services – Dallas

There are a number of reasons that our customers enjoy collecting wine. Some amass bottles to enjoy over time, others have a passion for procuring rare vintages, and many simply prefer to have a collection that is readily available to share with friends. The best part of wine collecting differs for every individual.

Most wine collectors would agree that cataloging, storing and transporting bottles are the least enjoyable and most stressful part of their hobby. Yet, these logistical details are vital. These are the details that Classic specializes in; we pride ourselves in giving customers peace of mind with the knowledge that their wine collection is properly stored and managed efficiently.



Classic has a wine storage solution to meet your needs with sizes ranging from 12 cases to over 1000 cases. Environmentally controlled private lockers and walk-in storage options are available.

Within your storage area, choose between easy-to-access tube storage, cost-effective case storage or a combination of both.

  • Variety of Sizes
  • Private Lockers & Walk-In Storage
  • Case & Tube Storage Configurations


Classic’s storage facilities maintain the perfect environment for your wine to age gently, allowing it to achieve ideal flavor complexity, intensified aromas and thus maximum enjoyment - all while protecting its financial value as well.

Facilities are maintained at the optimal combination of temperature and humidity allowing the wine to mature at its intended rate while maintaining cork integrity.

  • Ideal Temperature & Humidity
  • Redundant Environmental & Power Systems


The combination of onsite staff, 24-hour monitoring and key-card access will give you peace of mind knowing your collection is both safe and secure.

Just because your collection isn’t within arm’s reach at home, you’ll feel like it is. With 365-day-a-year access and convenient options available for pickup and delivery, your wine will be ready whenever you want it.

  • Fire & Water Detection & Prevention
  • Comprehensive Security Camera Coverage
  • 365-Day-A Year, Key Card or Smart Phone Controlled Access


Whether your collection is large or small, it’s important to know what you own, including optimal drink-by dates and financial value.

Classic offers turnkey, ongoing inventory services using industry-leading software and barcode solutions, making your complete collection accessible from your computer or mobile phone.

Our Cellar Management service includes a complete evaluation of your collection, including an inspection of bottles for any label or cork issues.


Tired of rearranging your entire schedule to wait for your wine delivery? Worried about missing a delivery, resulting in wine that rides around for hours or days in a hot truck?

Have your shipment sent directly to Classic instead. We’ll notify you of receipt, update your inventory, repack if necessary and place it into your personal locker. Our receiving service is available for shipments of all sizes, including pallets.

In addition to inbound shipments, Classic is also an authorized domestic wine shipper with UPS and domestic and international wine shipper with FedEx. We ensure your wine is packed safely and shipped with confidence.


Classic’s optional Pickup & Delivery service makes your wine available virtually anytime and anywhere.

On your way home from work and have a thirst for a special bottle? Give us a call and we’ll pull your wine and have it ready for you to pick up.

We also offer delivery of your wine to a residence, business or event location in our TABC-permitted and refrigerated vans.

For higher quantity moving needs, we can help transport your wines back to your storage location and help with any repacking, inventory or shipping needs.


Lounge, store and pour all in one place. Each of Classic’s facilities in Dallas, Fort Worth and Southlake feature a social room where our members can sit back and relax with a glass of wine from their private locker or share with another member.

Inside you’ll find plenty of seating, WIFI access and maybe even your favorite team playing on one of the large screen TV’s.

The room is also available for members to reserve for your special occasion.

  • Types of Clients Served

  • Private Collector
  • Facility Features

  • Security
  • Temperature Controlled
  • Humidity Controlled
  • Redundant Power Source
  • Client Mobile App Access
  • Cellar Management

  • Online Cellar Management Software
  • Cellar Management Services
  • Collection Analysis Services
  • Individual Bottle Barcoding
  • Home Cellar Inventorying Services
  • Home Cellar Packing/Pulling/Put Away Services
  • Types of Storage

  • Private Locker Storage
  • Box
  • Rack
  • Walk-in
  • Full-Service Storage
  • Pallet Storage
  • Short Term Storage
  • Long Term Storage
  • Receiving/Shipping

  • Receiving of Wine Shipments
  • Refrigerated Pickup and Delivery Services
  • Cellar Packing Service
  • Cross-docking Services
  • Relocation/Moving Services
  • International Consolidation
  • Domestic Consolidation
  • Authorized UPS Wine Shipper
  • Authorized FedEx Wine Shipper
  • Additional Services

  • Acquisition Services
  • Valuation Services
  • Consignment/Selling/Brokerage Services
  • Authentication Services
  • Retail Store
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  • Event Hosting
  • Wine Insurance