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Chateau 55 – San Diego

Chateau 55 was created to serve the needs of fine wine collectors and connoisseurs as well as local wineries and distributors. The facility was designed to meet the exact conditions to properly store and age fine wine.

Chateau 55 was founded by the Clotfelter family. As the popularity of fine wine grows Dick, Kurt, and Derek realized San Diego’s need for high quality wine storage. A storage facility that outperforms home cellars as well as the current providers in San Diego. With a construction and property management background spanning decades it was easy for the Clotfelters to create the highest quality wine storage facility possible.

After locating a great site for their facilities in Sorrento Valley the Clotfelters spent $800,000 renovating the building to include state-of-the art security systems, pharmaceutical-grade refrigeration technology, and high-grade construction materials. The facility was constructed by some of San Diego’s finest in their field. Chateau 55 can hold over 25,000 cases while the family-owned business can give you a mom and pop feel.


Temperature, Humidity Controls and Facility Features:

Chateau 55 Wine Storage facility maintains 55 degrees and 60-70 percent humidity. Our system was professionally engineered and built with refrigeration redundancy: our refrigeration continues functioning even when a component fails. This system is monitored with an alarm and customers can check conditions on the display screen in the cellar that shows the temperature. If there is ever a change in the climate the system immediately notifies us.

Our facility is void of natural light and is highly insulated in a structurally sound building. When wines are exposed to ultraviolet light the quality of the wine can decrease. Our facility blocks natural light and uses a lighting system that emits almost no ultraviolet light. The lighting within the cellar uses motion sensing technology to minimize light exposure.

Multiple Locker Sizes:

Chateau 55 offers a diverse range and size of wine storage lockers. We have units that hold as few as 14 cases as well as walk in units designed for both large collectors and/or commercial distributors. There are also community lockers that are shared with other small collectors and you can store 1 to 5 cases in them. Many of our lockers have built in racks that are sturdy and can hold all bottle sizes. We can customize any locker to meet each clients’ individual needs or requirements.

Security and Surveillance Systems:

Our wine storage lockers are designed to be safe and secure while allowing for the flow of air throughout. There are several entry barriers to access the cellar. Our high-security front door, staff only key card access to get into the refrigerated cellar, and a personal lock on individual lockers.

Chateau 55 has the latest technology providing a safe and secure environment. Our surveillance camera system covers every key area and access points in and around the facility. All video is stored safely and is reviewed regularly. The alarm systems are equipped with motion sensors throughout. They are automatically enabled during non-access hours and are monitored constantly. The electronic access control system monitors and stores every entry into the facility allowing us to identify all who enter the premises and at what time of day.


We like to make your wine transportation and wine club experiences as seamless as possible. If you are receiving a shipment from a winery, a wine club, or any other location we can accept your delivery and place it in one of our house lockers. Once we receive your delivery we will notify you by your method of choice so you can move your wine into your personal locker.

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