Caverna 57 Wine Vaults – Sacramento
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Caverna 57 Wine Vaults – Sacramento

The Sacramento area’s premiere wine storage solution!

Caverna 57 Wine Vaults is the regions only fail-safe wine storage facility. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the highest standard of service, features and amenities of any wine storage facility anywhere.



Located in the heart of East Sacramento, our property is an underground fortress equipped with a top-rated climate control system, backup emergency power generation, as well as cutting-edge security and surveillance. Whether you’ve outgrown your home wine refrigerator and need space for some extra boxes or you are reseller in need of a public warehouse with an ABC Type 14 license for bulk product, we have you covered. We’ve literally thought of everything you need to bank your liquid assets safely.

Come tour our cellar and see firsthand why our members enjoy the finest and most secure off-site wine storage experience in the region. In the meantime, read on to learn more about the features and amenities that make Caverna 57 Wine Vaults the smart decision for your investment.


The wine vault room at Caverna 57 is maintained a perfect 57°… No coincidence there. Our top shelf system was professionally engineered and built with component redundancy. That means our refrigeration keeps working even if parts and pieces fail.

Refrigeration equipment uses lots of power. But even in the event of a SMUD grid outage, Caverna 57’s system retains power! We have gone to great lengths to provide the emergency electricity necessary to keep the machines running and the vault room at target temperature. Our standby generator uses natural gas and even has Smart Switch technology to automatically transfer the refrigeration equipment circuits onto emergency power so that your wine is never subject to temperature fluctuation that comes from the (sometimes common) blackouts in our area.

You’ve chosen your wine purchases carefully. You’ve invested time and precious resources. Rest assured that when you choose Caverna 57, you are preserving your investment and aging your wines with the same level of care that went into crafting them.


Three well-planned barriers to entry provide a state-of the-art security solution that is head and shoulders above the rest. First, you’ll need a proximity key card just to get on the property after business hours and on weekends. To gain access to our wine vault room you’ll need to pass through our biometric fingerprint scanner. This assures that only members gain entry to our cellar and that lost cards or keys don’t result in unauthorized entry, ever. The third and final barrier is your personal lock on your vault door.

Lastly, our video surveillance system is comprehensive. The entire perimeter of our property is covered; every square inch of our vault room is in view by at least one of our many cameras and our off-site data storage facility keeps months worth of video data.

Your wine is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At Caverna 57, we take great pride in our process and work hard to provide you a near-perfect experience with no mistakes. Our building is simple to navigate and secure. We have onsite parking, and the entire premise is gated.


Our cellar environment tracking system provides you and/or future buyers of your wines with historical and real-time data reporting on the temperature and humidity conditions of our vault room. Through an app on your smartphone or desktop, you’re always just a click away from years worth of “cool” data.

Our onsite ACU>RITE Monitoring System uses a wireless thermometer display, indoor temperature/humidity sensors, and an internet bridge to deliver the “cool” data to your smartphone or desktop.

Monitor temperature and humidity conditions of our vault room, track historical records and customize email and text alerts to know when conditions change. The thermometer display synchronizes with the sensors to display our temperature, humidity, and date. View our sensors from virtually anywhere on the planet.


We make your wine club experiences seamless and hassle free by accepting deliveries for you. We’ll tuck it away in one of our house lockers for you, send you an email about your delivery and keep it safe for you until you are ready to claim it and transfer it to your private vault.

Do you prefer to ‘think outside of the box’? If so, you’ll want to utilize one of our bottle storage vaults. Ditch the cardboard wine cartons and lay down up to 135 individual Bordeaux size bottles in one of our racked out wine lockers.

Eventi Ltd. At Caverna 57 is an elegant and intimate space for special occasions of all kinds. Whether it’s a wine tasting, a mixer for some special clients or a birthday party for your significant other, Eventi is a choice location that you will want to make your own for special celebrations or networking opportunities. Members of Caverna 57 Wine Vaults enjoy deeply discounted rates when using the space at Eventi Ltd. Click Here to learn more.

Join fellow wine storage members for private tasting events. April through September we host 4 to 6 different fine vintners that come to pour for us. It’s a great opportunity to take in the Eventi Ltd patio while enjoying some complimentary new wines and tasty paired treats. Mangia!

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