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Bend Wine Storage

A Better Wine Storage Experience!

Bend Wine Storage is Central Oregon’s leader in fine wine storage and services. Our climate controlled facility was designed with collectors in mind, and can accommodate collections of all sizes. Every collection is different so we go beyond traditional wine lockers to provide A Better Wine Storage Experience!




Wine Lockers

Bend Wine Storage’s unique wine locker system brings your wine to you at one of our comfortable work stations. Lockers can be opened from the top or side for easy access to any box in your collection. Bend Wine Storage provides work stations with a table, light, Wi-Fi, and ample space for you to manage your collection. When your appointment is over, simply lock your locker and we’ll put it away. This procedure eliminates the need for customers to walk down narrow, dimly-lit hallways in order to handle their wine. Loading and unloading is a breeze as you’re never far from the door. Come see the difference at Bend Wine Storage.

In addition to lockers, Bend Wine Storage offers customers the following à la carte services:

  • Inventories
  • Acquiring bottles, cases, and collections
  • Selling your collection
  • Appraisals
  • Local Delivery
  • Shipping
  • Packing and Moving
  • Cellar Disaster Relief

Full Service Wine Storage

Not every collector enjoys the physical labor and time commitment it takes to manage their wine in storage. It is difficult work to lift cases, track inventory, maximize storage efficiency, and know what to consume and when. Bend Wine Storage has the solution for you.

Full Service Wine Storage includes a physical inventory of the entire collection, which comes complete with scores, reviews, valuations, consumption dates, quantities, pictures of labels, and much more. All this accessible on your smart phone, computer, or tablet. When you’re ready for wine, simply email us a pick list, or let us choose for you. We physically pull the wine, update your online inventory, and offer local delivery to your residence, restaurant, or club. It’s painless, time-saving, and will change the way you view your collection.

Full service customers also have access to the following à la carte services:

  • Acquiring bottles, cases, and collections
  • Selling your collection
  • Local Delivery
  • Receiving and Shipping
  • Packing and Moving
  • Cellar Disaster Relief
  • Home Wine Cellar Management integrated with offsite storage

Wine Cellar Management

The Cellar Savant provides service to collector’s home wine cellars. Wine cellar inventories come complete with scores, reviews, valuations, consumption dates, general info about each wine, quantities, pictures of labels, and much more. Find specific bottles in an instant with your online inventory and corresponding cellar location. Integrate your off-site storage with your home collection to get your most drinkable wines on hand while the others mature at Bend Wine Storage. We assist with wine collection moving, cellar installations, and offer ongoing cellar maintenance.

  • Types of Clients Served

  • Private Collector
  • Wholesaler
  • Importer
  • Distributor
  • Winery
  • Restaurants
  • Facility Features

  • Security
  • Temperature Controlled
  • Humidity Controlled
  • Redundant Power Source
  • Client Access By Appointment Only
  • Types of Storage

  • Private Locker
  • Bulk
  • Pallet
  • Racks
  • Walk-in Lockers
  • Full-Service Storage
  • Open-Rack Storage
  • Shared/Bulk Storage
  • Short Term Storage
  • Long Term Storage
  • Cellar Management

  • Online Cellar Management Software
  • Cellar Management Services
  • Collection Analysis Services
  • Barcoding
  • Home Cellar Management
  • Home Cellar Design Services
  • Home Cellar Construction Services
  • Receiving/Shipping

  • Receiving of Wine Shipments – Retail
  • Receiving of Wine Shipments – Winery
  • Packing – In Home
  • Delivery – In Home
  • Loading Dock Access (18 Wheeler)
  • Cross-docking Services
  • International Consolidation
  • Domestic Consolidation
  • Additional Services

  • Acquisition Services
  • Valuation Services
  • Consignment/Selling/Brokerage Services