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Ardel Cellars – Chicago

Ardel Cellars is the midwest’s top wine storage and cellar management services company.  We are conveniently located just west of O’Hare International Airport allowing for convenient access to the greater Chicago area as well as the midwest and beyond.

Our building is temperature controlled and alarmed as well as staffed during normal business hours which allows us to provide you and your wine the care you deserve under optimal storage conditions and security.

Our employees and consultants have decades of experience handling, buying and selling fine wine. We understand what it takes to acquire and maintain your precious wine collections so we work hard to provide the optimal storage and cellar management solutions to fit your needs.


Wine Storage

We know how much time, energy and passion our clients put into building and maintaining their collections and how important it is their wines are stored safely and properly.  With that in mind we have a storage solution for the most discerning collectors regardless of the size of their collection. We have decades of experience procuring, storing and shipping the finest wines made in the world and we know how important it is to maintain our warehouse at ideal temperatures and provide high level security.

  • Temperatures are maintained between 53-58 degrees year round

  • Humidity is maintained between 50-70% year round

  • Fully alarmed facility including motion sensors & security cameras.  Any alarm triggers a notification to the police and our employees. 

No matter the size of your collection we have the solution for you.  We have specially designed secure lockers ranging in size from 17, 25 and 31 cases and any combination of the three.  Pricing for our three standard locker sizes is available by clicking here. We also have a range of custom solutions that can accomodate a single case to collections in the 100s of cases.  For a quote on our custom storage solutions please contact us at info@ardel

Lockers are available in an open format but can also be outfitted with shelving and racking to fit your organizational and storage needs.  

Cellar Management

We know acquiring and drinking your prized wines is the best part of having a wine collection.  Maintaining, organizing and tracking it is not always the easiest and most rewarding part. Ardel Cellars can remove most of the hassle with a variety of cellar management services.

  • Physical Inventory:  The essential first step in managing your cellar. What do you have? Where is it? Are there any specific conditions with labels, capsules or fill levels?  Our consultants have decades of experience handling the finest wines in the world and can review your collection and return an accurate and useful inventory listing.

  • Software and Barcode Management:  Do you want to be able to access an accurate real time listing of your wines from any where in the world? Ardel Cellars can turn your old printed list or static spreadsheet into a dynamic inventory listing that is searchable and sortable from every angle. In addition, we can affix barcode tags on all of your bottles which makes cellar additions and subtractions accurate and easy by simply scanning your bottles with your smart phone. 

  • Cellar Valuation:  Ever curious how much your wine is worth in today's market? Wine valuations can be fluid (pun intended) and it is always good to know what your prized assets are worth in the ever changing fine wine market.  Ardel Cellars constultants can use their extensive fine wine experience to give you a useful range of valuations as well as connect you with paths to market if you decide to sell some of your precious bottles.

Receiving, Shipping & Logistics

Looking for an easy way to receive and ship your wine? We've got you covered.

  • Receiving:  Tired of waiting around so you can sign for your wine when it is delivered? Worried about someone over the age of 21 not being home to sign for your wine? You can have your wine shipped to us and we can receive it and keep your wine safely stored in temperature controlled conditions until it is convenient for you. 

  • Shipping:  Shipping wine can be complicated and expensive.  We have years of experience in the fine wine industry and can offer a range of shipping options for all your needs.  Whether you need to courier a single bottle or ship a pallet of wine in temperature controlled conditions (and anything in between), we have a solution to meet all of your needs. 

  • Moving and Logistics:  Moving is stressful and busy enough, you don't need the added stress of moving your collection. Ardel Cellars can help pack and ship your wine assuring it has the best chance to arrive at your new location in the same condition it left your old cellar. 

  • Types of Clients Served

  • Private Collector
  • Wholesaler
  • Importer
  • Distributor
  • Winery
  • Restaurants
  • Facility Features

  • Security
  • Temperature Controlled
  • Humidity Controlled
  • Client Access During Set Hours
  • Types of Storage

  • Private Locker
  • Bulk
  • Pallet
  • Racks
  • Walk-in Lockers
  • Full-Service Storage
  • Open-Rack Storage
  • Shared/Bulk Storage
  • Short Term Storage
  • Long Term Storage
  • Cellar Management

  • Online Cellar Management Software
  • Cellar Management Services
  • Collection Analysis Services
  • Barcoding
  • Home Cellar Management
  • Receiving/Shipping

  • Receiving of Wine Shipments – Retail
  • Receiving of Wine Shipments – Winery
  • Packing – In Home
  • Delivery – In Home
  • Loading Dock Access (18 Wheeler)
  • Cross-docking Services
  • International Consolidation
  • Domestic Consolidation
  • Additional Services

  • Acquisition Services
  • Valuation Services
  • Consignment/Selling/Brokerage Services
  • Authentication Services
  • Social Room/Lounge
  • Event Hosting